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When all has failed and everything is over, the only thing that remains to do is to swallow the bitter taste of frustrated hopes and and start completely anew. Lethe is the goddess of oblivion and guardian of the underworld river of the same name. Its waters flow around Hypnos´ cave of dreams and form the border to Elysium: the realm where heroic souls may enjoy a happy version of their mortal life. Those who prefer to drink from the river Lethe will be washed clean of golden joy and dark sorrow and thus freed from all memories their souls are permitted to be born again to the world of the living.


In one way, to forget is to lose one’s mind, to lose one’s self. It can be a slow and wrenching farewell to those people and ideals that we have dedicated ourselves to. Lethe represents this trauma, but she also harbors the freedom of letting go. That which defines us can also dominate us; it can be terrifying and perilous to cast these definitions adrift, but it can also be an act of courage from which to build ourselves anew.

Created: 2018

Total length: 555 mm

Blade length: 416 mm

Blade width: 111 mm

Weight: 679 g

Point of balance: 58 mm from guard


Materials & techniques: The blade is forged in 500 layers of 1084 and 15N20 steel in random thickness that is manipulated to form water-like swirls. On both faces of the blade several undulating grooves are carved. The hilt is forged of 18th century wrought iron with fused 24 k gold. The sting ray wrapped grip has ferrules of blackened sterling silver with gold overlay.

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