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Our consciousnes can be understood as an emerging quality from the echoes of signals within the grotto of our mind, whose interpretations changes as we age. Without language and memory, the foundations upon which we build our identity and understanding of the world will unravel. The titan Mnemosyne is the daughter of the sky god Ouranos and Gaia the Earth. She is the goddess of memory and the one who named all things and invented language. She is the mother of the Muses and is also considered to be the first philosopher. Her gift is the power of reason. Zeus understood her importance and allowed her domain to continue after the war between Olympians and Titans.


The use of language is what sets us humans apart from the other animals in our world. If it was not for Mnemosyne’s gifts we could not transmit knowledge and experiences from one generation to the next; her gifts allow us to keep myth and science alive and thus in a way they are our own collective consciousness.


A sword dedicated to Mneosyne is therefore a weapon that brings light to a dark mind. Its purpose is to defeat the creatures that thrive in those shadows. Knowledge, language and shared wisdom give us power and means to fight the trolls, monstrosities and dragons that embody lies, bigotry and greed.

Created: 2019

Total length: 1400 mm

Blade length: 1033 mm

Blade width: 49 mm

Weight: 1442 g

Point of Balance: 92 mm from guard


Materials & techniques: The blade is forged in 580 layers of 1084 and 15N20 with subtle manipulation for discreet undulations in the topography and chatoyance effect. The cross section is hollow ground for a stout midrib and thin edges. A pair of undulating grooves are cut in the forte of the blade on each side.


The pommel and guard are forged in iron that is carved and given highlights of fused gold. The grip is covered in ray skin with cast sterling silver ferrules that are carved and highlighted with gold overlay.

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